1. Product quality control within 30 minutes after purchase.(except for the exceptions specified in the product description)Write immediately after purchase, no matter the working time or not, the main thing for you is to unsubscribe within 30 minutes, and only then we will consider your application!!!On Brut accounts (Accounts with owners!), the guarantee is only for entry and that there is an appropriate status or date!Guarantees do not apply to accounts, even if a premium is specified there until 2090, and the owner changed the password earlier, we will not replace your account. If you have successfully logged into your account, it can no longer be exchanged/refunded.Changing the password on accounts with the owners is prohibited (the owner will return it back anyway).If the account does not work in your country, there are no replacements or refunds!Check this immediately before making a purchase.
What should be in your message when applying for a replacement:
Note - the note that the store issued (order number)
Invalid account(s)
or the mail to which the order was placed
Description of the problem (list of non-working accounts, * on-demand account verification screen).If the autoreg account is blocked, then immediately send a photo from the personal account of the proxies you use with the request.
2. When applying for a replacement, at the cost of goods / goods from 100 rubles or more, a video purchase is required!
When recording a video of an account purchase, you need to record the moment of payment and the jump of the product from the store and the subsequent attempt to log in. Copy only by right-clicking, videos where data was copied via CTRl+C and are not accepted.
You do not need to record the video after the purchase.You need to record the moment of payment and login to your account.Glued videos are not accepted!

3. The purchased product/service is non-refundable.In cases where a refund is needed, it is carried out only on the balance of the personal account, in no other way!Withdrawal from the user's personal account is not possible, the balance can only be spent on purchases in the store.

4.When using accounts purchased on our website, it is prohibited:
- Log in to 2 or more accounts without a proxy and from the same device.
If you log into multiple accounts with 1 ip address, then all your accounts can be blocked.(different browsers are not different devices),
!!!In this case, we will refuse to replace/refund the funds.
- Do not use your home static ip address, ipv6 proxy, public proxy, packet proxy, shared proxy.
It is allowed to use only personal (they are also individual) ipv4 proxies and mobile proxies.
- Use any paid and free VPN services.
Any VPN service uses public IP addresses that are used by unauthorized people.
- Use accounts to harm other people (spam comments, threats, etc.) and commit other illegal actions (including, but not limited to - fraud, extortion, data theft, etc.).

5.When purchasing, you agree to the following rules:
• Warranty for all accounts only at the time of sale. Claims are accepted within 30 minutes after payment of the goods. 
• You are solely responsible for the account.
• The store IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the safety of your data on your computer
• Guarantees do not apply to accounts. If you have successfully logged into your account, it can no longer be exchanged/refunded.
• In case of force majeure situations with the account (refund, theft, restrictions on purchase / exchange, etc.), you have no claims against us.
• There is no refund!
Replacement is made in the following cases:
1. If the data from the accounts were incorrect.
2. The product does not match the description.
2. There is a ban on this game on the account. (only at the time of sale)
3. If you forgot your account password or your account was blocked, banned, or returned AFTER purchase, such accounts cannot be replaced.

6.When buying a proxy:
The delivery of the goods is carried out manually, after the customer writes to the store's support and indicates the order number or note.The product is issued according to the store's work schedule specified in this section and only by the contacts specified here -
Transfer of proxy addresses and their data to other persons.Use a proxy for spam and other types of illegal mailings.Use it for hacker attacks, brutality, hacking of websites, theft of information, as well as other similar activities!

7. Withdrawal from your personal account is impossible under any circumstances!


Warning - Service It is an intermediary platform between account sellers and buyers. When using accounts for any illegal activity, the buyers themselves are responsible. Service does not approve the sending of spam (i.e. commercial e-mail newsletters conducted without the prior consent of the recipients), and the commission of any fraudulent actions using accounts.
In case of violation of any point of the rules, the store is not responsible for the goods and your funds
!!!!!!!important!!!!!!!!!!!Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you from responsibility!You are not satisfied with the rules, you do not need to make a purchase!