Shop Rules:

1. Check the quality of the goods within 30 minutes after the purchase. (In addition to the exceptions specified in the product description), write immediately after the purchase, it doesn't matter working time or not, the main thing to send to you for 30 minutes, and only then we will consider your application !! ! Broot accounts (accounts with owners!), Guarantee only on the entrance and what is there there is a corresponding status or date! Account guarantees do not apply, even if premium is specified until 2090, and the owner has changed the password before, we do not Replace account. If you have successfully entered the account, the exchange / return it is no longer subject to the password on accounts with the owners is prohibited (the owner will still return it back).
What should when applying for replacement in your post:
Note - Note which issued a shop (order number)
Nevalid Account (Accounts)
or mail on which was made an order
Description of the problem (List of non-working accounts, * Screen check scanners on demand)
2. When referring to replace, at the cost of goods / goods from 100 rubles and more, be sure to purchase!
When writing a video purchase video, you need to fix the moment of payment and the jump in the goods from the store and the subsequent attempt to log in. Copy only by clicking the right mouse button, video, where data has been copied via Ctrl + C and are not accepted.
The video after the purchase is not necessary. Do not need to record the moment of payment and entry into the account. Clear videos are not accepted!

3. Purchased Item / Service Return is not subject to. Equipment from a personal account of the user, it is not possible, the balance can be spent only on purchases in the store.

4. When using accounts purchased on our website, it is prohibited:
- enter 2 or more account without a proxy and from one device.
If you enter into several accounts with 1 IP addresses, then all your accounts can block. (Different browsers are not different devices),
!!! In this case, we will refuse to replace / return funds.
- Do not use your home static IP address, proxy IPv6, public proxy, batch proxy, shared proxy.
It is allowed to use only personal (they are individual) proxy IPv4 and mobile proxies.
- Use any paid and free VPN services.
Any VPN service uses public IP addresses that have extraneous people.
- use accounts for harm to other people (spam comments, threats, etc.) and committing other illegal actions (including, but not limited to - fraud, extortion, theft of data, etc.).

5. When buying games, you agree to the following rules:
• Warranty on all accounts only at the time of sale. Claims are accepted within 30 minutes after payment of the goods.
• Account responsible for account only you.
• The store is not responsible for the safety of your data on your computer.
• Account guarantees do not apply. If you have successfully visited the account, the exchange / return is no longer subject.
• In the event of force majeure situations with the account (refund, theft, restrictions on the purchase / exchange, etc.), you do not have any complaints.
• There is no refund!
Replacement to be made in cases:
1. If the data from the accounts were not correct.
2. The goods do not comply with the description.
2. At the account there is a ban on this game. (only at the time of sale)
3. If you forget the password from the account or account was blocked, either banned, or returned after purchase, such accounts are not subject to replacement.

6. When buying a proxy:
Product Issument is made in manual mode, after the client writes in support of the store and indicates the order number or note. The show is issued according to the store's work schedule specified in this section and only on the contacts specified here - -Support
Transferring proxy addresses and their data to other persons. Use a proxy for spam and other types of illegal mailings. Use for hacker attacks, brutas, hacking sites, theft of information, as well as other similar activities!

  You don't need to write on the forum !!! There is no support, it is carried out only by contacts specified in the store !!!!! Forums only for reviews and advertising !!!

Warning - service is an intermediary platform between accounts and buyers. When using accounts for any illegal activity, the buyers themselves are responsible. service does not approve of spam newsletter (i.e., commercial e-mail mailings conducted without the prior consent of the recipients), and performing any fraudulent action using accounts.
In violation of any point of rules, the store is not responsible for the goods and your funds
!!!!!!! It is important !!!!!!!!!!! ignorance of the rules does not free you from responsibility! Do not arrange the rules, you do not need to make a purchase!